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Do You Have Any Questions?


Do you offer a free trial class?

Yes, you are welcome to try a class before committing. You may have one free trial per student. To get your free trial you must complete the registration form on our website. Your first class will be free, and your start date will be one week from your trial date. You will have three days past your free trial to let us know you do not want to continue. If we do not hear from you we will assume you want to continue and we will start your billing.

What are your tuition rates?
Do you have a registration fee?
What levels do you offer?
Which level should my child be in?
I noticed you do not have any teen classes. Will you be offering any?

Absolutely! Our program is only in it’s 3rd full year of operation, this means the majority of our dancers are still young. Our schedule will evolve and change each year as the needs of our students change. Teens will likely be the last groups of classes that we will add. For now we offer Teen/Adult classes in the evenings. We have a handful of teens in the program now. As their numbers grow we plan to split the teens away from the adults and have those be separate classes.

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