Regular Dance Season

The current dance season runs from Aug/Sept, 2016  – May, 2017


Email    Communication is done via email; so please be sure that the address(s) for all relevant individuals are current.

Text   We encourage you to sign up for text message notifications for  canceled classes, last minute changes or class specific issues.

  • A student may join at any time with the exception of certain classes that are involved in the year-end recital.
  • Tuition will be pre-rated for any mid-month starts
  • Any student who will not be enrolled Grade 2 or higher for the school year, will become part of our program for younger students.  More information about THE GEMS Program can be found on the website.
  • All registration is done online and accessed by clicking the Register icon on our website
  • We ask that you complete all fields as thoroughly as possible and that you keep all contact information up-to-date, including uploading a photo of your child
Placement Class
  • Interested in taking a placement class at Stages?  Please go online, create an account and register for a Trial Class(TA). When given the option choose “Trial Class” and continue on to finish registration.  The instructor will be in contact you to go over and answer any questions that you may have!
Missed Classes/Make-ups/Schedule Changes
  • We do not pro-rate for absences of any length. You are paying for the spot in class, regardless of your attendance.
  • If a student misses a class due to illness or personal commitments; they will be able to take a makeup class, as long as the class is appropriate for their level and is completed before the end of the following month (as long as we are notified by email – see next item)
  • You are encouraged to notify us of any planned or unplanned absences by email; this will also ensure that any make-up classes can be scheduled.
  • If withdrawing from the program, we ask that you use make up classes within 2 weeks of your final dance visit.  After this point, any remaining make ups are forfeited.
  • All makeup classes must be scheduled online.
  • If a class is canceled due to a teacher absence, a make-up class will be held at a time that hopefully works for all the students.  If your child is not able to attend because of schedule conflicts they will be able to take a different class as long as it is appropriate for their level.  
  • STAGES reserves the right to cancel any class with insufficient registration and a full refund will be given.
  • When student sustains an injury that does not permit them to participate over an extended period of time a credit or refund will be issued.
Payments & Balances

All families with students enrolled in on-going classes MUST sign-up for AUTOPAY

  • We accept all credit & debit cards, including Discover and American Express. In addition, we can process drafts from your checking or savings account.

Our no-penalty AUTOPAY policies:

  • Only tuition payments for classes your child is enrolled in will be automatically charged on the first of the month. You will receive a statement for any additional charges for you to approve.
  • If there is an issue with a transaction, no additional fees will be assessed, regardless of the reason.
  • If you need to hold off on charging your card or debiting your bank account, just notify us and we are happy to work with you, again, with no additional fees.

If you do not want to be on AUTOPAY, you are welcome to prepay your tuition in advance.   Please see the Promotions & Discounts section to see the available options and related discounts.

New and/or Low Enrollment Classes

Some classes fill up quicker than others. And some may not fill at all. We do have protocols in place for classes that start with low enrollment. If enrollment continues to be low for multiple weeks we will reevaluate the schedule/style and make adjustments as needed.

  • If only 1 dancer is enrolled in a class and wishes to remain in that class, the class will be considered a private class with the appropriate tuition applied.
  • If only 2-3 dancers enroll in a class and wish to continue, the class will be considered a semi-private class with the appropriate tuition applied (see Tuition Section)
  • Once a class has 4 or more dancers enrolled the class will be treated as any other class.
  • When you enroll during our regular dance season (Aug/September through May) class attendance is strongly encouraged to help students progress consistently.
  • If after your first class, you decide not to continue, notify STAGES before the next scheduled class and all charges will be reversed!
  • Closing for holidays and school vacations are listed in the Holidays & Events Tab on the online schedule.  Showcase & Recital schedules and other important dates can be found there.
Placement & Progress
  • In order to determine the correct placement in a class, age and ability are of primary importance. In order to appropriately develop the students’ abilities, each student’s placement is ultimately determined by the instructor. Please contact STAGES for any questions regarding placement.
  • There may be class changes as the season progresses. These alterations are for the benefit of the student; so he/she can get the most of their training
Withdrawals & Refunds
  • Notice of withdrawal is required to discontinue any classes and charges.
  • Complete and sign a withdrawal form provided by the studio, which can be requested online and must be submitted by the 15th of the preceding month. Please note that un-enrollment will not be considered complete unless a signed form is submitted.
  • No withdrawals will be accepted after April 1st, due to the recital.
Arrival & Pick-up
  • Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of class
  • Students will not be permitted into the class until the starting time for the class; unless invited by the instructor.
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